High temperature (90°C)
CO2 Heat pumps

Suitable for domestic hot water and central heating


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Hengda Technology - High Temperature CO2 Heat Pumps For the Domestic market

We are a company specialized in the field of sustainable energy systems. We have successfully carried out several sustainable heating projects in China by applying CO2 air source heat pumps. We have an exclusive partnership with is one of the biggest heat pump manufacturers in China, located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. The range of CO2 heat pumps covers the domestic and commercial markets. Please contact us if you are interested to integrate one of the CO2 heat pumps within your projects, for example, to make existing real estate more sustainable. It is also possible to become a reseller and market the CO2 heat pumps within your own brand strategy. 

The CO2 Heat Pump range

4.5 kW CO2
Heat Pump

8 kW CO2
Heat Pump

35 kW CO2
Heat Pump

70 kW CO2
Heat Pump

140 kW CO2
Heat Pump

Why use CO2 heat pumps for central heating?

The current world market for heat pumps is growing rapidly. Virtually all of them use R407C, R410A or R134A, which are very powerful greenhouse gases with relativily high global warming potentionals (GWP). Although the refrigerant leakages from these systems are small, they cannot be neglected. An alternative solution is to utilize refrigerants that don’t have a negative impact on the global environment. For example non-synthetic fluids such as ammonia, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2, R744) is one of the few non-toxic and non-flammable fluids that contributes neither to ozone deplation or global  warming. Due to its favourable thermophysical properties, R744 is regarded as an interesting alternative instead of the HFC’s in residential and commercial heat pumps.


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